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In February of 1999 I dreamt ... I was in an art gallery with amazing, huge paintings on the walls, the first of which was the most beautiful angel I had ever seen. She was soaring above iridescent sunset clouds that changed colors as I looked from different angles. The angel was so regal and powerful yet full of peace & grace as she looked down right into my eyes. I was in awe. As I continued walking around the gallery I then saw an old wooden box on a shelf with a plain wooden latch, which I reached for. The clerk told me to go ahead and that it was called “The Gift”. Inside the box hung a smooth iridescent peach colored Christmas tree ornament. I bent down to look at it more closely and the inside of the ornament somehow expanded into an incredible glowing golden light within which thousands of angels flew, spiraling upward. It was as if I had shrunk into the light or the light expanded and I was now in space....I have seen pictures of Jupiter's atmosphere and it is the closest thing I have found to what I saw then...it was truly the most fantastic and beautiful thing I have ever witnessed....when I awoke I knew I had to start painting angels. I began painting in October a series of allegorical illustrative paintings about my views on life and of my dreams and it wasn't until March of 2000 that I began to paint angels. These are some of the samples of the acrylics I painted that year.

The following May I had a psychic reading and was given a message that I would have the ability to "See" spirit. "Wow" I thought "how cool would it be to use my ability to see and my artistic ability to paint others' angels and guides?" We all reach a point in life when we are brought to our knees and I thought of that time when I had been there myself, nearly hopeless, asking if there was anyone "really" out there who could help me, questioning God, and angels' existence. At that time I was a single mother with two small children ages 1 and 3 working three jobs and barely making ends meet. I thought of the comfort these paintings could give others knowing that these beings were always with them waiting to serve, waiting to help. These paintings could remind others to ASK for help with all things.

I began painting for friends and soon hung my shingle out. For the next two years I experienced amazingly beautiful and wondrous things while creating spirit paintings....through my own self-doubt and constantly analyzing mind, I received the gifts of many confirmations letting me know that what I was seeing was "Real"! I painted over 250 commissioned paintings, most of which I did in person but some I did from photos and over the phone...these were just as accurate with very strong confirmations. Today I usually work from photos so I am not distracted by the energy of the person and can focus clearly on their angels and guides.

I have visted the angels of the golden light in meditations since, sometimes imagining that I am flying with them in the light of love and it is always such a powerful experience. I also call upon them to merge with Reiki clients at the end of a session. The experience has been such a gift and i often wonder if that day I fell to my knees in despair I didn't open the door to their presence in my life.
Working Together...

After receiving my Reiki III attunement I began seeing and hearing angels in my Reiki sessions. Archangel Michael was with me on the day of my attunement and Archangel Uriel presented himself during my first session thereafter. "I am Uriel" he said from behind me and his energy merged with mine as if he stepped in and through me. Golden circles of white light pulsed from our hands into my good friend Louise's feet and spread up her body lying on the table. It was fantastic and I was SO excited to be working with this magnificent angel! (they are willing to work with ALL of us....anyone who is open and intentional may receive their assistance) When Louise got up she was wide eyed and said "what was that!?" She and I have met many angels together. We are not sure why or how this happens but there is definitely something about our energies combined which opens the door to seeing and experiencing these magnificent beings presence.

In the Fall of 2007 I had a Reconnection Healing Session during which three angels appeared to me and asked "Do you remember the dream?"..."YES, I remember the dream!" I answered in my mind. They smiled and nodded and then asked "Do you remember your original intentions when you had the dream?" "YES, I was going to paint huge paintings of angels!" I answered and again they smiled and nodded without judgment; with simple observation. They went on to show me my new studio space, told me they would take care of everything....all I had to do was paint the commissions I had and move forward....I opened The Angel Room 5 months later and began to paint the Angelic Light Project. I have only completed 3 of the 12 paintings of the project but I know that when the time is right I will finish them.

I BELIEVE.....that we are each surrounded and guided by our own team of spiritual beings...that angels are beings of God/Source Light with perhaps no need for physical wings and bodies as we know them on Earth but they appear to me and I paint them that way so that they say loudly to human viewers, "I am Angel"...I believe that Angels help us to feel the Source/God Light Energy within ourselves, that they are there for us as messengers, as protectors and healers. And most importantly, I believe that we are able to call upon our angels for any and every thing...that our free choice and free will as humans prevents angels from interfering without our specific requests for their assistance.

All we have to do is ASK!

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