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We are all uniquely expressing the light of one consciousness through the choices we make.

I am choosing to express as a traveler, artist, mother, sister, daughter, painter, friend, intuitive, inquisitor, bliss facilitator, and jewelry maker.

I love life ... I love the sunlight through the trees, moonlight on the water, the sound of the wind blowing through the pines, flowers, animals, people, mountains, sunsets ... but most of all I love making the World a little brighter, happier and more peaceful every day

I care about ALL people and see us connected in one conciousness, temporarily fragmented in these human bodies ... I believe that through this separateness we can play this elaborate game called life ... a game of hide and seek with our own true nature, love.


I had owned a healing center in Mashpee, Massachusetts for nearly three years and found it frustrating when clients, after reaching a blissful state in Yoga class or after a massage or energy session, would then to roll their eyes and say "and now I have to go home." I longed for something I could give them to bring the bliss home or to work and wow, I certainly found it when I was introduced to Selenite at the Tucson Gem Show in January of 2011.

I had such a profound experience in the less than two minutes of sitting on a large slab, that I ordered four large pieces the next day and had them shipped to my center. I began using them with my newly purchased singing bowls in Reiki sessions and my clients, who were laying directly on the four slabs, reported feeling more sharply focused and more balanced after the sessions than a typcal Reiki session. Those with depression issues reported feeling lighter and those with anxiety said they felt calmer. The more I worked with the crystals the more I wanted to share the amazing results I was having.

I closed my center in April and began a guided meditation workshop tour in the Fall. I have been travelling to Yoga and healing centers across the US since, and now am taking this work into corporations to help people decrease stress at work. Selenite and Sound sessions are the fastest and easiest way I have found for relaxing, uplifting and connecting to higher and deeper self awareness.

In addition to my guided meditations, I still offer group and individual Selenite & Sound Sessions and I create with Selenite. I love making beautiful jewelry with it that brings peace and joy to the wearer. But most of all, I love to see the transformed faces of those who have experienced a session with these remarkable stones and me!!

In July of 2017 I began working for Enagic, as a distributor of Kangen Water Machines, creating the best water on the planet in your home! Visit my other site for more info ...

In the Spring of 2018 I will be opening a new healing and art gallery called Love & Light, in Marshfield Massachusetts. There you will find all I offer in one spot: Paintings, Jewelry, Water and Sessions. Until then you will find me there at Sand & Water building it.

Thank you for visiting my site!!

Wishing you deep peace, love and the joy of living in your presence!!


home ... sessions ... store ... out there ... event schedule ....selenite

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