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      Holistic Wellness Center in Medfield Selenite & Sound 7-9     PROVIDENCE Market 11-6
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Pine Hills Etsy Show 11-6


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Day at Soul Spirit .... Love Rocks Painting then Raising Vibrations at A Soul Spirit Studio in Holliston 7-8:30 Salem NH at The Healing Power of Flowers 7-8:30




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Medfield Farmers Market 2-6pm


Mendon Block Party!! 3-10pm

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Chestnut Hill Fair 11-5






Medfield Farmers Market 2-6pm


















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ZuZu's Healing Arts in Melrose Full Moon Selenite & Sound 7-9:00  


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  Sisters of Solace in Westport 7-8:30



Pine Hills Home Show

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Shanti Shala Autumn Fair in Plympton








Raising Vibrations at Open Doors Braintree 7-8:30




















Stepping Deeper into Mindfulness with Selenite & Sound

Contact Nicki to set up a demonstration of how fast and effective this new modality is for uplifting your staff's energy, creating deeper focus and activating greater creativity.


"Raising Our Vibrations with Selenite & Sound" Meditation Event

Offering the experience of how Selenite Crystals & Sound can help you let go of what no longer serves you and step into a new higher vibration

This guided meditation with Selenite can affect all levels of your being: spiritual, mental, emotional and physical, as you first set intentions to let go of all that no longer serves you in each chakra, then open each chakra to receive and anchor an expansion of higher frequencies more deeply and fully in your physical life.

Those who are working intensely with Selenite consider it to be “The Awakening Stone” specifically intended for use at this time in our history.

You will have a Selenite rod to align with your torso and chakras, as well as two selenite wands to hold in each hand and a Selenite stone to place on your third eye. Nicki will give you a brief description of what the crystals do and how to best use them in everyday life. During the meditation, Nicki plays her four crystal singing pyramids and seven singing bowls. The sound intensifies the benefits of the Selenite stones. You will leave the event feeling uplifted, refreshed and blissful.


Creating Abundance In All Aspects

Opening To Your Unlimited Possibilities

Infusing Joy Into Your Everyday Life


Selenite & Sound Mini Sessions

“That was the best twelve minutes of my LIFE!” ~ Tyler, Sarasota
“Wow, best session Ever!!” Susan, Melrose

How can a twelve minute session be called the best session ever? Sitting with forty pounds of Selenite Crystal activated by the vibrations of Crystal Singing Pyramids is how!!

The moment I heard the Singing Pyramids, the healing sound shot across the room, entered my root chakra and rose through my body with a wave of exhilaration. I knew I had to work with them! My aura completely re-sealed itself, healing the trauma I had gone through for months prior. Now I use them nearly everyday to clear and balance my energy field.

The Process: You will be seated on a large slab of Selenite with another piece under or between your feet, a long selenite stick will be aligned with your torso while you hold two short cylinder pieces in your hands. The session begins with a short guided meditation leading you into relaxation as Nicki plays her seven high vibration crystal singing bowls. Then she alternates playing four different sized crystal singing pyramids, spinning each over your body's energy centers and intermittently playing her bowls. The sound infuses your aura, body, mind and emotions with uplifting vibrations. Your session ends with the sound of sweet wind chimes and you leave feeling completely light and totally refreshed.



Holistic Wellness Center ~ Park Street, Medfield, MA

Entire Health & Wellness ~ 17D Trinity Pl Mashpee, MA


Call 774-521-4402 to book a sessions.

Mini Seated Selenite & Sound Session $25.00

Half Hour Table Selenite, Sound & Energy Session $55.00

One Hour Table Selenite, Sound & Energy Session $100.00

90 Minute Table Selenite, Sound & Energy Session $144.00


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